Total Knee Replacement Exercises

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Exercises

If you have been through this procedure then you will need to learn total knee replacement exercises during your recovery. Of course, there are a few things that will need to occur before you reach this stage and we will be considering that part of the process too. The great thing about the total knee replacement exercise is that it is here that you really start to take control of your recovery. The effort you put into them will very much determine the speed of your progress; of course you will never want to overdo it as this could damage the new artificial knee. Always follow the instructions of the physiotherapist and you may even find that these exercise are sort of fun.

Why Do You Need Total Knee Replacement Exercises?

The idea of doing exercise following your surgery might not be something that you had been considering. Surely you go to the gym to exercise and not the hospital? Unlike some other type of exercise though these ones are not to get you physically fit (although them might help with this) but instead to get you back on your feet. These total knee replacement exercises can be a very important part of your recovery and it will pay if you put plenty of effort into them. There may be a bit of discomfort initially but the nursing staff and physiotherapists should be able to help with this.

If your knee has been injured by a disease process like arthritis then this probably affected your mobility. If muscles aren’t used they will become weaker and so even though your knee has been fixed it can still be hard to walk. You will also have pain and inflammation to deal with and this is why the total knee replacement exercises are so necessary. They will also provide the opportunity to test the new knee and allow you to get comfortable with it.

When Will You Start Your Total Knee Replacement Exercises?

Before you can begin your total knee replacement exercises there will be other things that need to occur first. Following surgery there can be a lot of tenderness and inflammation so the nursing staff may need to give you medication to help with this. You might also be feeling nauseous from the anaesthetic and this will need to be managed as well. There will also need to be checks to ensure that there is no excessive bleeding and that the wound is healing well with no signs of infection. It will usually take a day or two but once you are stable you can then begin your total knee replacement exercises.

Some Final Thoughts on Total Knee Replacement Exercises

Putting the effort into your total knee replacement exercises is going to help you get on your feet faster so make sure you do take them seriously. Hopefully your new knee will give you the ability to return to normal mobility and normal living without pain and discomfort.