Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Total knee replacement rehabilitation begins the moment you wake up from your surgery. The healing process has already begun and over the coming days and weeks you will have a number of professionals helping you get back on your feet. This recovery can be a special time; especially if you have been finding mobility hard in recent years. For a lot of patients their total knee replacement rehabilitation will be the start of a new life; hopefully this will be your experience as well.


What to Expect with Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

The exact process of your total knee replacement rehabilitation will depend on a number of factors. One of the first of these to consider is the type of surgery you have undergone. These days some people will have minimally invasive surgery and this means there can be a much shorter recovery time. This is not going to be an option in all cases though.

Another factor that will influence your total knee replacement rehabilitation will be the risk of complications. The vast majority of people will go through this type of surgery smoothly but occasionally things can go wrong. The type of risks we are talking about here include such things as; infection, allergic reaction to the artificial knee, the development of a blood clot, excessive bleeding, excessive pain, excessive scarring, or a faulty artificial joint that won’t work. These complications can slow down recovery significantly but hopefully these will be risks that you will avoid.

If things go smoothly then you can expect the physiotherapist to start given you simple exercises to get the knee moving. When you are ready you will be assisted to mobilise and this will continue until you are fully mobile. You will have a large dressing on the wound when you first return from theatre and the nursing staff will manage this. They will need to inspect the wound and keep it clean in order to ensure that you don’t develop an infection – they will also need to keep an eye on your temperature for the same reason. After a couple of weeks you will have your sutures removed from the wound; unless you have dissolvable sutures which don’t require this.

Some Final Thoughts on Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Although there can be a number of professionals involved your total knee replacement rehabilitation the most important member of the team will be you. It is a well known fact that patient involvement in their care can make a huge difference to the outcome. This is why you are encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions – this is your life after all. In the past patients were a bit afraid to question doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals but in recent years the importance of patient empowerment this has become widely accepted. If you feel fully involved in your own total knee replacement rehabilitation then the chances are that things will progress at a faster rate and have a more desirable outcome.